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The Valkyrie Channel is a place where you can watch full-length broadcasts. It's like TV, except you can choose when to watch it, and what to watch. And you won't get advertising interrupting every few minutes. To watch the Valkyrie Channel, you need to have SilverAudio membership of the web site. If you're already a member but not SilverAudio, you can upgrade your membership.

In many cases, there's a video or CD that you can buy. This will, of course, be a much better quality than the small picture (typically 160 by 120 or 176 by 144) that you get here.



The clips below can be downloaded without having to join. You can use them to test your video player.

If you have trouble with viewing a clip, it might be useful to try out your system on these files, to try to nail down the problem.

Can't Access

If you don't have access even though you have a Silver membership, that's because you need SilverAudio. You can upgrade your membership.

If the video isn't as good a quality as you'd like, then you'll need to get a faster internet connection, or else go to the Movie Theatre and download MPGs.

RealVideo setup

Click on Tools ... preferences. Go to "Network Transports". Check the box "Manually configure connections settings. Click on "RTSP Settngs". On the box that pops up, uncheck all the boxes except "Attempt to use HTTP for all content" and click "OK". The other settings that might benefit from changing are the "Playback settings"

Requested file not found

If you click on a link and get "Requested file not found", then try putting your cursor into the box "Location" and press enter. I don't know why RealVideo needs this sometimes, it just seems that it does.

Another thing to try: shut down the RealPlayer, shut down your browser. Then start up your browser again, and click on the link. I think the problem might be to do with the authentication.

Connection to server ...

If you click on a link and get "Connection to server could not be established. You may be experiencing network problems" then that's a problem with your connection to the internet (or possibly with mine, but if it's a problem with mine, I'd get a *lot* of people telling me about it). It also might be solvable as in "Requested file not found" above.


If you have WebTV, then it won't work. I checked the WebTV web site, and they say that it simply doesn't support RealVideo (or anything similar). And there's no upgrade you can get for WebTV to make it work.

Some other problem

Email me, maybe I can help fix it. Email to

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