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A hard man is good to beat

The Valkyrie Channel is a place where you can watch full-length broadcasts. It's like TV, except you can choose when to watch it, and what to watch. And you won't get advertising interrupting every few minutes. To watch the Valkyrie Channel, you need to have SilverAudio membership of the web site. If you're already a member but not SilverAudio, you can upgrade your membership.

In many cases, there's a video or CD that you can buy. This will, of course, be a much better quality than the small picture (typically 160 by 120 or 176 by 144) that you get here.

In the Movie Theatre, you download one-minute clips (or less), the download takes quite a long time, and then you can watch the clip. In the Valkyrie Channel, you click on what you want to watch, and it starts up pretty quickly. And then if it's a 30 minute programme, it takes 30 minutes; if it's a one hour feature, it takes an hour. And you can use the slider to skip past parts you don't want to watch. Boring bit? Skip past it!

If you only have a 28.8 modem, then that simply isn't fast enough to be able to run video this way. I could run at five frames per second in a tiny window, but it would look really bad, so I'm not going to do that. I'd suggest that you upgrade to a 56k modem. ISDN, ADSL and cable modems are fine for this. The better your connection to the internet, the better this will look to you, because it adapts to what you have, and shows you better quality if you have a good connection.

With a 56k modem, quality is poor. Remember, you're using a phone line, designed to carry voice, and I'm trying to put video over it. But if you use Dual ISDN (128k), cable or ADSL, then the quality will be a lot better. More and more people are getting fast internet connections now.

You will need Real Player This is the RealVideo plug-in, used on a lot of web sites. This is the same plug-in that I'm using for Listen with Diana the Valkyrie, stories read aloud to you. And the free version will work fine. You should get the latest version, because video is very heavy on bandwidth needs, and the latest compression methods can make a difference.

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There's also a version called VLC for each video, which you can play using the free VLC media player.


The clips below can be downloaded without having to join. You can use them to test your video player.

If you have trouble with viewing a clip, it might be useful to try out your system on these files, to try to nail down the problem.

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    2. Training and posing
    3. Wrestling and other combat
    4. Action and adventure
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